Welcome to BEST

BEST Pacific Institute of Education is more than just an education provider – we strive to see each and every student exceed their own expectations and ambitions, helping them discover how much they can achieve during and after their studies.

We believe that education is empowerment and every day is an opportunity for a student to progress.

What is unique about BEST Pacific Institute of Education is that it doesn’t matter what your existing qualifications are. Whether you graduated as dux from college in Year 13, or have left after Year 11 and want to find out what your options are, BEST Pacific Institute of Education has the resources, career connections and support networks in place to help you get the most out of your tertiary education.

Helping You All The Way

Our BEST Support Services

We at BEST believe that supporting our students is very important. Staff members are put in place to provide support from before Orientation Day and are available long after they graduate. Each student is partnered with a programme coach who assist with all aspects of life, both at BEST and externally. When our students have completed their studies. Our dedicated career staff at BEST People help them form pathways into a career or further education.

Our support services are for all students. Whether you are a part of our Alumni, a current student, or looking to study our team will help you get to where you want to be.

Where To Find BEST

Our Campus Locations

BEST Tertiary - New Lynn Campus

BEST Tertiary - Manukau Campus

BEST Youth Academy - New Lynn Campus

BEST Youth Academy - Manukau Campus

BEST Youth Academy - Puhinui

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