Health and Recreation

Study Health, Recreation, and Sports (Level 2) at BYA you’ll get a National Certificate in Employment Skills (Level 1), a National Certificate in Fitness (Level 2), a National Certificate in Recreation and Sport (Level 2), AND, to round it all off you’ll get NCEA Level 1 & 2. During your time at BYA you will learn how to coach teams, design personal fitness plans, and assess and monitor the fitness, enjoyment, and safety of yourself and others, all while learning a bunch of useful life skills (such as budgeting, time management, and customer service skills). On top of this you’ll have opportunities to take part in a variety of competitions and excursions, all while building friendships that will last a lifetime.
This course will prepare you for employment in community recreations and provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to train as a personal trainer or fitness instructor.

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