Bachelor of Performing Arts (Pacific)

The Bachelor of Performing Arts (Pacific) is a three year intensive programme which will prepare you for the performing Arts industry through a multidisciplinary approach that includes; acting, dance, pacific studies and performance, research, professional skills and more.
The programme will provide you with excellent skills and knowledge across the performing arts, give plenty of opportunity for live performance experience and provide you with the tools to create your own work in the future.

The Course Is…


And Goes For…


(4 x 9 weeks) For 3 Years


360 Credits

The Bachelor of performing Arts (Pacific) is a full time course of study and all papers are compulsory. A more detailed breakdown of year levels and paper descriptions follow.

Year One will teach you the foundations – building up the fundamental skills and knowledge of the performer.

Year Two is the time to further develop and hone these essential skills, learn more specialized technique and begin to put it all into practice in live performance.

Year Three provides an opportunity for more independent and specialized practice of your skills including an industry secondment or self-managed production, developing your own solo work, specialized workshops, new media training and a graduation production.

Job Prospects and Study Pathways

In an industry that is highly competitive, The Bachelor of Performing Arts (Pacific) will provide you with a versatility that will give you a real headstart.

At PIPA you will develop excellent skills across the performing arts including; acting for stage and screen, dance, Pacific performance, Pacific studies, new media, research and the devising of new works.

The course is practical and taught by leading industry professionals. This gives you the opportunity to meet with future colleagues and employers and develop valuable connections and relationships.

PIPA is the place to be if you are serious about a future career as an actor, dancer, director, choreographer, producer, performing arts tutor , cultural performer, stage manager or collaborator. With a new degree qualification it is also an excellent pathway to teaching or other higher education.

All Pacific Institute of Performing Arts courses start in January, but applications can be made year round

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The target student group for the Bachelor of Performing Arts (Pacific) are vibrant, passionate and talented people who are:

• Developing performing artists who have a desire to express their creative talents in an environment that is immersed in a Pacific Kaupapa which incorporates values such as Alofa (Love and commitment), Tautua (service and responsibility) and Fa’aaloalo (respect and dignity) through the experiences, opportunities and events that make up their training.

• Able to meet the mental and physical commitments required for a demanding full time course of study.

• Curious, passionate and bold learners who are willing to work across a variety of performance and cultural genres.

• Willing to develop the skills to communicate and collaborate in both individual and ensemble projects.

Entry is by audition. Applicants are required to hold 42 NCEA credits at level 3 or evidence of previous study and or employment in performing arts.

The Pacific Institute of Performing Arts (PIPA) provides an open learning environment suitable for everyone. A place where imagination has no limits and self-expression is welcomed. Performing Arts has the Pacific at heart - from dancing, to film, drama and musical theatre.

We are privileged to continually have an amazing group of well-known and respected members of the Performing Arts community as permanent and guest tutors, who freely share their knowledge and expertise with students. The industry is hungry for fresh faces and talent and to hear new stories and this is the place for you to prepare. We work in partnership with you to shape and strengthen your abilities as a performer.