Bachelors of Performing Arts (Pacific) | Year Three

The third year of the Bachelor of Performing Arts (Pacific) is a chance to begin to spread your wings and work much more independently. There are a number of projects that could take you off campus and you will have the chance to specialize more in an area that is of interest to you. You have a choice of an industry secondment or staging your own production as part of a group, the new media paper and performance labs papers will provide a freedom to access new and exciting opportunities as they arise. The solo and graduation productions are a great chance to fine tune your skills (and show them off!)
That’s why the first year of the Bachelor of Performing Arts (Pacific) is all about the ground work.

A specialist third year coordinator will assist you with planning and coordinating your journey to ensure that at the end of this third year you are primed and ready to step out into the industry!

BPAP 701 Practicum
30 Credits

The practicum is an exciting opportunity for you to gain experience at an industry level. There are two possibilities in this paper

A) You can work with a group of your classmates to plan, manage and perform your own collaborative production, this will include assigning roles (do you need to find a director or choreographer or will you do it all yourself), finding a performance venue and organizing everything else you need for a successful production;


B) Organise, manage and complete a secondment with a professional performing arts company

BPAP 702 New Media Performance
10 Credits

New Media performance is an exploration of how performance can interact with new technologies to create new mediums, styles and methods of reaching your audience. After workshop sessions exploring new media and new media artists you will supported to create your own new media performance work.

BPAP 703 Arts Management
10 Credits

Arts management is a practical course that will teach you all the essentials of how to manage your career in the performing arts. As you near the end of your study, an understanding of things like tax, ACC, agent relationships, venue hire, contracts and funding opportunities is crucial to you being ready to enter the challenging life in the arts and this paper will provide you with the tools you need.

BPAP 704 Graduation Production
30 Credits

The Graduation Production is the culmination of all the skills you have learnt in your time at PIPA. You will work alongside professional directors, choreographers and musical directors in applying all you have learnt to audition, rehearse and perform in a full production.

BPAP 705 Performative Research
15 Credits

This paper will provide you with the chance to extend your understanding of the methods of research for the creation of new work and assist you to use this to develop a research proposal for BPAP 706 Solo Performance.

BPAP 706 Solo Performance
15 Credits

Following on form BPAP 705 –this paper will be the outcome of your proposal as you research, develop, rehearse and perform your own solo performance. This is a chance to follow your passion and to work in one discipline, or integrate your skills across the various disciplines, to create a work that really speaks for you.

BPAP 707 Performance Labs
10 Credits

The performance labs will give you the chance to develop specialized skills in a particular area. You will choose at least two of these week long courses which will be taught by guest specialists. The performance labs will vary each year depending on tutor availability and student interest but they could cover areas such as applied theatre, Shakespeare, various dance styles, stage combat, circus, mask work, scriptwriting, directing, Whare tapere, Light and performance, Fale Aitu and more.