Bachelors of Performing Arts (Pacific) | Year Two

In year two of the Bachelor of Performing Arts (Pacific) you will begin to apply all the skills and knowledge you have gathered in your first year of training with plenty of support and guidance from your tutors. This is the time to experiment and practice the skills you have learnt in different styles and scenarios. This year you will have more opportunity for public performance which you will work on your own and in groups to create new works and begin to tell your own stories. You will also get the chance to work with professional directors and choreographers in ensemble productions.

BPAP 601 Acting Practise
30 Credits

The second year of the acting programme is about developing new skills and sharpening and honing the elements you learnt in your first year. You will continue to work on voice, improvisation and text work in specific styles, learn the skills of auditioning and acting for camera and perform in a full length production.

BPAP 602 Dance Practise
30 Credits

In dance practice you will continue to develop your knowledge and skills as a dancer. This year will include the opportunity to work with professional guest choreographers, perform in an ensemble dance production and create your own dance piece.

BPAP 603 Moana Pasifika 2 (Pacific Studies)
15 Credits

The second year of Moana Pasifika will allow you to deepen your understanding of the history, geography and cultures of the Pacific. Broader issues of Pacific Arts will be explored including Identity, Pacific diaspora and contemporary Pacific Artists and their work.

BPAP 604 Professional Practice 2
15 Credits

In Professional practice 2 you will continue to build your knowledge of the non-performance roles by developing and pitching a specific production plan which may be developed for your practicum paper in year three. You will also begin to learn the essential skills required to manage a career in the arts including budgeting, funding and management.

BPAP 605 Critical Studies 2
15 Credits

Critical studies in the second year focuses closer to home as you explore the evolution of the performing arts (including theatre, dance, film and television and cultural performance) in Aotearoa over the last fifty years.

BPAP 606 Vaka Pasifika 2 (Pacific Performance)
15 Credits

In Vaka Pasifika 2 you will deepen and extend your understanding and skills in a range of Pasifika arts and integrate what you have learnt of Pacific song, dance, storytelling and costuming to create an original live performance.

BPAP 607 Collaborative research and Creation
15 Credits

In this paper you will learn to apply the concepts and strategies of performance research, learn practical strategies for collaborative creation and devise and create your own original work.