Bachelors of Performing Arts (Pacific)

The classes at PIPA are created and taught by working professionals from across the Performing Arts industry. As actors, dancers, directors, writers, choreographers etc themselves, the PIPA tutors know first-hand that to build a successful future as a professional performer today you need to be versatile, i.e. have a wide range of skills and be able to contribute to any project you undertake in a number of different ways.
That’s why the first year of the Bachelor of Performing Arts (Pacific) is all about the ground work.
Your first year will be made up of regular, practical classes which will offer you the core skills you need to succeed in the performing arts.
Learning at PIPA is on your feet. Every day starts with all the year levels working together on the core skills of fitness, flexibility and voice which are essential for every performer. Students then split into year groups for a full day of timetabled classes.

BPAP 501 Acting Foundations
30 Credits

Acting Foundations is your introduction to the building blocks of the actor’s craft- including presence, focus and connection, text analysis and scene work, voice, improvisation and character work.

BPAP 502 Dance Foundations
30 Credits

In Dance foundations you will begin to develop the core knowledge and skills of the dancer including body awareness, dance technique, improvisation and choreography. Dance forms and skills covered will include contemporary, hip hop, contact improv, pilates, yoga and choreography.

BPAP 503 Moana Pasifika 1 (Pacific Studies)
15 Credits

Moana Pasifika will allow you to develop an understanding of the history, geography and cultures of the Pacific region. You will explore the history of migration and colonization within the Pacific, cultures, mythology, rituals, Gafa/ Geneology and the Treaty of Waitangi.

BPAP 504 Professional Practice 1
15 Credits

In Professional practice you will learn about the non-performance roles in theatre and dance including lighting, sound, costume and stage management. You will also be introduced to the skills you need to manage a career in the performing Arts and have the opportunity to take a back stage role in a production.

BPAP 505 Critical Studies 1
15 Credits

In this paper you will learn about a variety of theatre and dance forms from around the world and throughout history. You will also develop writing skills to discover new ways of thinking and discussing live performance.

BPAP 506 Vaka Pasifika 1 (Pacific Performance)
15 Credits

In this paper you will work with cultural performance experts to develop skills in Pacific Performance styles including dance, music and costume from a variety of cultures. Styles covered include Kapa Haka , Hula Kahiko, Siva Fa’a Taupou, Siva Afi and Tahitian Tamure.

BPAP 507 Collaborative research and Creation
15 Credits

A big part of succeeding as a performing artist today is having the skills to make your own work. The workshops in this paper will introduce you to the concepts of performative research and devising. You will then have the opportunity to use these tools to create short original works.