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Next Sememster Starts 14th March

We passionately believe that every student deserves a champion to enable them to be the best they can be. That’s why, at the BEST Youth Academy, we walk alongside every student as we help them learn, discover and grow to be more than they ever imagined.

Our excellent academic record stands for itself, but BEST stands for so much more.
We believe that education is a journey involving partnership, support, creativity, imagination and discovery. It’s not enough to ‘know’ any more. It’s our job to foster and develop the skills every student will need to navigate this changing world.

Our dream is to work with our students and create a change in our community by fostering the self-belief and talents in our young people.

Ramona Taupau | Former Student

“So warm and welcoming, so multicultural”

Our Youth Academy runs across four terms and you can start your journey with us at the beginning of each Term (September, January, April, and July).

At our Academy you can study towards qualifications equivalent to NCEA, just like you would at secondary school, but you can also make a start towards tertiary qualifications for business and careers. It means that students who are finding the secondary school environment isn’t right for them can continue their education in diverse, innovative and supportive surroundings. And just like secondary school, there are no fees


“I really wanted to learn, but struggled at school. So I decided to move on with my study by enrolling at BEST. Two of my sisters and one of my brothers had all graduated from BEST, they’d all told me how good it was and they were right, I loved it!”

Ramona Taupau | BEST Youth Academy Graduate

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