Working at BEST Pacific

Working At BEST PAcific

Every single organisation will tell you that it’s different, that it’s unique. For BEST – it’s actually true

BEST Really is unique – there are no other education providers in New Zealand like us.

We are proudly helping Pasifika people to transform their lives and create exciting futures. For themselves and their families. And we are doing this through the power of education and learning – which is key to achieving their career goals and life dreams. We are committed to this, heart and soul.

We have extraordinary people working in all kinds of roles throughout the organisation who are all single-minded in their belief that our learners’ success means one thing…

That we have served them well.

And our aim is to serve each and every learner in the best way possible.

BEST is a great place to work – and if you’d like to learn more about us then check out some of the links below.

Come and check us out – and if you share our passion, then your next role could be with us.

Welcome, come meet our Founder

We are proud of our heritage and excited about the future.

BEST was founded by Anita Finnigan almost 30 years ago, and is one of the countries most established and long-standing private tertiary establishments.

Click on the link below to learn more about us and meet Anita.

Pop On In, Let Us Show You Around

We have great campuses, situated close to where our learners live, and at the heart of the communities we serve. Have a look at our virtual tour, and learn more about us.

We’re All About Our Learners

Our learners are at the centre of everything – our vision, our values, the decisions we make and the way we operate.

Our learners’ stories are at the heart of ensuring we deliver what they need from us to succeed – and two of our learners: Talia a youth learner and Sala a tertiary learner share their stories below.

Your BEST Start

A welcome to our brand new BEST family members

If you have recently taken up a role with BEST, then this section is especially for you, even if you haven’t started with us yet.

We are delighted you made the decision to join us.

Your BEST Start is the name of our new staff induction programme.

It’s been designed with you in mind, and it ensure that you have the information and support you need to settle in quickly – and feel like a member of the family in no time flat.

Click on the link below to be taken to your YBS learning modules – you will need your Fresh-e user name and password to be able to access them. This information is in the welcome letter that was included in the information pack that we have sent to you.